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Drug Crimes

Colorado Drug Crimes Lawyer Delivers Strong Advocacy

Experienced attorney in Grand Junction and Durango safeguards clients’ rights

The prevalence of drugs in American society has led lawmakers to create severe punishments for drug possession and distribution. Being convicted of a drug-related crime in Colorado may create serious problems in your personal and professional life. You may lose your job, be expelled from school or experience alienation from your family and friends. From offices in Grand Junction and Durango, Robert S. McCormick, Attorney at Law represents individuals accused of drug offenses. I have a proven record of getting charges against clients dropped or reduced, and have been successful secure decisions that allow clients to take part in rehabilitation programs as an alternative to criminal sentencing.

Dedicated defender assists people charged with drug related offenses

Every 19 seconds, a person is arrested for a drug-related crime in America. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in one of these cases, my firm can help. I represent clients charged with all types of state and federal drug related crimes, inlcuding:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Manufacturing of illegal substances
  • Conspiracy to sell drugs
  • Operation of a methamphetamine laboratory
  • Sale of illegal substances in a school zone
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

No matter what allegations you face, rest assured that I have the experience and ability to assist you in pursuing the best possible results.

What recent changes in Colorado drug law mean to you

Although Colorado has legalized recreational use of marijuana, the substance is still regulated. You can run afoul of the law if you:

  • Are under 21 years of age and are in possession of recreational marijuana
  • Operate a dispensary without a valid license
  • Sell marijuana on the streets
  • Possess more than one ounce of recreational marijuana
  • Possess more than two ounces of medical marijuana, even with a valid prescription
  • Possess more than eight grams of cannabis concentrates containing more than 800 milligrams of THC

You should also be aware of changes to the laws governing possession and distribution of other drugs. Under a law introduced in 2020, certain possession offenses for Schedule I or II drugs have been reduced from a Class 4 felony to a Level 1 drug misdemeanor. However, it is now a Level 4 drug felony for any person to possess “any material, compound, mixture, or preparation that contains” the following:

  • Cathinones
  • Flunitrazepam
  • Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, including its salts, isomers, and salts of isomers
  • Ketamine
  • More than four grams of a Schedule I or II controlled substance

Under the new laws, it is a Level 1 drug misdemeanor to possess:

  • Any material, compound, mixture, or preparation that contains up to four grams of a Schedule I or II controlled substance
  • Any quantity of a Schedule III, IV, or V controlled substance (except Flunitrazepam, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, and Ketamine).

However, if the charge amounts to a fourth and subsequent offense, a Level 1 drug misdemeanor will be charged as a Class 4 drug felony.

State and federal drug laws are complex, so you should only trust your defense to an experienced and determined criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight for the best outcome possible.

Accomplished litigator challenges drug charges arising from traffic stops

Traffic stops frequently lead to drug arrests. Often, police officers stop a motorist on an unrelated issue, such as speeding or a non-functioning brake light. The police officer then asks to search the vehicle. Law enforcement officers need probable cause to conduct unless consent is granted. However, many drivers don’t’ realize they have the option to prevent the search. If you refused to consent to the search and the police officer performed one anyway, any evidence gathered might be excludable. In the event that a passenger of yours had drugs in the vehicle without your knowledge and you were arrested because drugs were found, I will present the relevant evidence and seek to have the charges dismissed.

Contact a determined Colorado drug crime defense attorney for a free consultation

If you have been arrested in connection with an alleged Colorado drug crime, Robert S. McCormick, Attorney at Law can help. Call today at 833-880-7192 or contact me online to set up a free initial consultation. My offices are in Grand Junction and Durango.

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