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Oil and Gas Law

Colorado Oil and Gas Law Attorney Provides Comprehensive Counsel

Firm in Grand Junction and Durango handles various energy law issues

When you need skillful counsel on oil and gas law, it is vital to retain an attorney who knows how to handle the varied legal issues that might arise. At Robert S. McCormick, Attorney at Law, I am an experienced lawyer who also serves as the managing partner of Colorado Land & Mineral Owners Association, LLC. From my offices in Grand Junction and Durango, I represent landowners, mineral owners and royalty owners in a wide array of energy law matters. Drawing on more than three decades of experience, I offer comprehensive legal support for the contractual, regulatory, environmental and litigation challenges that face those involved in the oil and gas industry.

Lawyer has a detailed understanding of issues relating to natural resources

Colorado is home to a rich collection of natural resources, but extracting them and maximizing their value often requires significant effort and investment. My firm guides small and large operations as they face legal challenges linked to oil and gas concerns such as:

  • Mineral rights — Questions over mineral rights or the title to land that might include energy sources can hamper your ability to capitalize on important opportunities. After reviewing the facts, I’ll assess each side’s legal claims and press for a resolution that benefits you.
  • Leases and joint operating agreements — Preparing a thorough lease or joint operating agreement document can avert problems that may arise between deed holders, lessees, cotenants and other parties. I handle each facet of the process used in developing these agreements.
  • Fracking — Hydraulic fracturing has been used to extract oil and gas in the state for decades, but my firm can advise you on municipal anti-fracking rules and proposals for a statewide initiative before you make an investment.
  • Assignments, farmouts and royalties — I assist parties on both sides of farmouts when the owner of an oil or gas lease chooses to assign their rights to another party in exchange for a specified royalty interest over what is produced.
  • Transactions and financing — Transferring ownership of mineral rights, leases and property deeds can be complicated given the uncertain nature of oil and gas extraction, as well as the amount of investment involved. By working with an attorney who already understands these issues, you can safeguard your interests and negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Permits, licensing and regulatory matters — Before you make a commitment regarding an oil or gas project, it is essential to develop a thorough understanding of the permits and licenses required to accomplish your objectives. No matter how complex the relevant standards might seem, I’ll clarify the situation for you and work diligently to secure the required federal, state and local approvals.
  • Environmental issues — Colorado has complex standards relating to groundwater contamination, methane release and other potential environmental hazards associated with oil and gas extraction and production. You can rely on my firm for clear guidance on these concerns.
  • Litigation and disputes — If litigation arises over mineral rights, a royalty issue or an accident, I am a strong advocate for my clients during negotiations, mediations and trials. When possible, my firm strives to resolve disputes without the expense and hassle associated with going to court.

In these types of matters and others, I have delivered exceptional advice, advocacy and service to clients in the oil and gas industry since 1983.

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Robert S. McCormick, Attorney at Law advises Colorado clients on all types of issues pertaining to oil and gas law. For a free initial consultation, please call 833-880-7192 or contact me online. My offices are in Grand Junction and Durango.

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