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Mr. McCormick represented me in a complicated immigration Asylum case and fought for me at every twist and turn the case took. I was always informed of everything that was happening in the case as well as the potential outcomes. This case was life or death for me and thankfully I chose the right attorney. Thank you, Mr. McCormick.

– Anonymous

As a business owner of two businesses of 35 years, I found myself needing an attorney. I never needed an attorney before and was thankful to have met Robert McCormick. The civil case brought before the courts against my business, was from another attorney my business had done a motorcycle repair for in Denver. ‘Two years’ after the job was completed and excepted, this attorney sued my business for over twice the money of the original repair! Mr. McCormick was professional in every way, and after another two years the case was dropped. It shows that some attorneys make most look bad, and some will even try to extort money to make a living. Mr. McCormick was professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. He showed the system does work when a “good lawyer” does a good job.

– Chuck Shortt- CEO, Rocky Mountain Custom

Robert McCormick will do the work others won’t to provide you a rigorous defense! After speaking with Mr. McCormick for just a few minutes it was clear he was going to fight for me. This man knows the law better than the people out there writing tickets. He took the time to study my case piece by piece enabling him to thoroughly dismantle the prosecution’s accusations resulting in dismissal from both, criminal court and with the DMV. If you are looking for an attorney that will do everything possible to get you results, Robert McCormick is the best out there.

– David Weiler

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